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Monday, January 15, 2007

Plague, Mummies & Ancient Civilisations:

Cambridge, England, 1348. The Black Plague is on its way and physician Matthew Bartholomew must distinguish friend from foe while attempting to solve the inexplicable death of the Master of Michaelhouse.
"Tell Edith I am fine. But I do not understand what is happening at Michaelhouse. The Bishop is due to arrive today and will take matters in hand." (Gregory, 2005:108)

Peabody, Emerson and Ramses are once again embroiled in murder, mystery and ancient Egyptian artefacts. This time, however, the action occurs in the foggy streets of London."This period of history is often known by the name of the sovereign; and although no one respects the Crown more than Amelia Peabody Emerson, honesty compels me to note that her gracious Majesty's ignorant remarks about the sex she adorned did nothing to raise it from the low esteem in which it was held." (Peters, 2000:1)

The action shifts to the unknown deserts of Nubia (Sudan) and the Emersons are unable to resist a cryptic map - drawn on papyrus - and make one of their most startling, and perilous, discoveries yet. "From the sandy wastes of the cemeteries of Memphis to the rocky cliffs of the Theban necropolis, we had wandered hand in hand (figuratively speaking), in terrain almost as inhospitable as the desert that presently surrounded us. Never before, however, had we been more than a few miles from the Nile and its life-giving water. It lay far behind us now, and there was not a pyramid or a broken wall to be seen, much less a tree or a sign of habitation." (Peters, 2002:4-5)

(All images from Amazon Japan.)

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