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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An exit and an entry:

The shocking loss of Steve Irwin on Monday has reverberated around the world; it even made the evening news here in Japan. His wildlife conservation website, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, perhaps sums him up best:

"Steve was a true original; he brought energy and passion to everything he did...Steve didn't do anything by half...The exceptional life Steve led is a testament to his respect for all creatures great and small, and his passion for wildlife was matched only by his passion for family life."

(Image from here)

If you do find yourself in Beerwah, Queensland; make sure you visit Australia Zoo.

Japanese Princess Kiko has given birth to a son - who will be named on September 12th - and is now third in line for the throne, after Crown Prince, Naruhito and his younger brother Prince Akashino. He is the first male to be born in the Imperial family in more than four decades and has stopped the possibility of Imperial succession reform for now. (Japan's royal family currently allows "male only" succession.)

(Princess Kiko and her husband, Prince Akashino. Image from MSNBC)

The economic fortune of Japan is riding on his little shoulders as it's expected that not only will his birth help to improve Japan's falling marriage and birth rate, but he will stimulate the economy to the modest sum of 150 billion yen!

Hopefully he won't crack under the pressure.
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  • At 1:09 am, Blogger Carolyn said…

    I couldn't believe what happened to Steve Irwin. I feel for his wife and children. He seemed to be such a great family man.

  • At 1:38 am, Blogger Janet said…

    His death is just so sad.

    Congrats to Princess Kiko! They'd been trying when I lived there back in the early 90s! A miracle baby :-)

  • At 1:40 am, Blogger Bearette24 said…

    that's a lot of pressure!

    my niece wanted to marry steve irwin when she grew up. (but i guess, looking at carolyn's comment above, he was already married). my brother said some tears were shed.

  • At 7:20 am, Blogger Liz said…

    Sometimes it doesn't seem fair-- Steve Irwin is gone while all kinds of crazy, cruel people are still roaming the earth...

  • At 11:02 am, Blogger Amy said…

    I was so sad to hear about Steve Irwin's death - and by a stingray no less and not a croc. Sad loss.

  • At 7:13 pm, Blogger My float said…

    Steve Irwin's death was enormously unexpected and enormously sad. I'm surprised at how upset I feel about it...and I admit to having experienced the cringe factor. Now I just feel very sad for him and his family.

    Congratulations to the royal family. It's been sad to see the first royal wife (dreadful of me, i can't remember her name) experience such ill-health.

  • At 12:13 am, Blogger verniciousknids said…

    Carolyn: Definitely a shocker.

    Janet: I think they've actually been trying since the '60s!

    Bearette: He leaves behind Terri (his American born wife) and Bindi (his daughter) and Bob (his son).

    Liz: So true.

    Amy: It's ironic that it's something relatively harmless that got the better of him!

    MF: Being an Aussie expat, I've experienced a lot of "cultural cringe"...but like you I agree that it's a shocking loss and tragic for his family and friends. Princess Masako has had it really tough, the pressure placed on her to bear a royal son has been absolutely phenomenal.

  • At 4:11 pm, Blogger Kelvin said…

    Hello from down under in New Zealand. Yes - the death of Crocodile Man has shocked evryone on both sides of the ditch (NZ & OZ)as well. He was married with a two & a 8 year old. It was the 2 y.o he was holding in his arm (he was then a month old) while feeding a chicken to a crocodile with the other hand. I wonder if they have crocodiles in Heaven ???

  • At 8:25 am, Blogger Kelvin said…

    Me - again !!! As you may of heard or read in the news, Australia has lost another legend - Peter Brock !!! He was to cars, what Stev irwin was to crocodiles. May they both rest in Peace.

  • At 12:09 pm, Blogger Stepherz said…

    Wow, what a heavy load to carry for such a young man. He doesn't even have a name yet but they already put so much pressure on him! Let him learn to tie his shoes and skip rope before he has to start saving marriages and boosting economies!


  • At 1:55 am, Anonymous ribbiticus said…

    i was shocked when i first heard the news. life really is full of irony. at least, he died doing what he loved - bittersweet consolation to those who loved this great australian...

  • At 2:19 pm, Blogger Catherine said…

    If I was a crocodile, I'm not sure I'd want to be "respected" the way Steve is doing in the picture. Still, his death was quite a shock.


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