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Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Choose a real rodent this time"!

The internet is a mish-mash of weird and wonderful sites like Hamster for President:

The candidates include Diddley Squat for President.

And Bupkes for Vice President.

A well designed and humourous website...check it out and remember:

Vote Hamster!

(All images are from Hamsters for President
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  • At 6:27 pm, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    Do they get a little wheel to go round?

    Michele sent me here.

  • At 7:09 pm, Blogger verniciousknids said…

    JLP:'s called Congress!

  • At 9:16 pm, Blogger nutmeg said…

    Where do you find this stuff? Diddley Squat had me laughing out loud! The look on his/her face is soooo in character.

  • At 12:48 am, Blogger Marc said…

    I don't know... have you seen Hamster's health care proposals? They're disconcerting.

  • At 12:54 pm, Blogger Carolyn said…

    Right now we have a rat for president. A hamster could only be an improvement.

  • At 5:18 am, Blogger Liz said…

    Carolyn stole my joke. LOL!

  • At 10:17 am, Blogger h&b said…

    Hey there !
    Put up my own wordcloud this morning ( thanks for the link, I love it ! )

    Referenced your blog in thanks :)

  • At 11:02 pm, Blogger verniciousknids said…

    Nutmeg: I spend way too much time trawling the web!

    Marc: LOL and by the way congrats!

    Carolyn: Exactly!

    Liz: You've got to be up pretty early to beat Carolyn!

    h&b: On my way to check your blog cloud!


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