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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Adventures in Cisnadioara...

We were up bright and early to rent mountain bikes from Casa Luxemburg but first we had to find some breakfast...after a fruitless search for 30 minutes - all the open cafes only served coffee, no food - we found a greasy fast food shop that sold hot dogs and fried bread. Suitably fueled we started off on our bouncy (no suspension + Romanian roads = very sore butts) 10km ride to the tiny village of Cisnadioara passing the Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation on the way. After climbing some deadly hills we arrived at the Baroque church in the centre of Cisnadioara and parked our bikes behind this haystack.

This well is located behind the church and is a reliable source of water for the town's residents:

This charming old man kindly explained to me in Romanian how to get water out of the well and told me that he had been drawing water from here daily for the last 60 years. I think he also told me the secret of eternal youth - but unfortunately my Romanian was too rudimentary to grasp it:

The Baroque church dating from 1764 has the western tower of an even older Gothic church attached:

A little Hobbit door dating from 1917:

It was a relief to coast down the hills on the way back to Sibiu!

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